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  • Overcladding Petrol Station Kiosk

    Siberian larch cladding is ideal for a sustainable, environmental friendly exterior finish to our timber framed building envelopes or as overcladding to existing buildings as shown in this picture of a petrol filling station kiosk.

  • Bespoke Construction Buildings

    Flexible and innovative working practics will always be required such as this McDonalds outlet in the athletes dining hall at the recent London Olympics. This building was constructed of metal clad insulation panels, overclad with timber boarding to McDonald design and after the Olympic and Paralympic Games was taken down for use elsewhere.

  • Traditional Construction

    Built 2 Design also services the traditional construction market in residential, commercial and industrial sectors offering a full building package from groundworks to final decorations to your own architects drawings or our own design and build package.

  • Glulam Timber Frames

    Many commercial buildings these days are turning to Glulam Structural Frames to meet environmental and sustainable building criteria. Built 2 Design offers a service of erecting these buildings supplied by third parties or design, supply and erect if brought in at early stage with our timber engineering partners.

  • Timber Framed Envelope

    Our timber framed envelope consists of 50 x 75 timber studs at 600 centers, clad either side with 11mm O.S.B and insulated with 170mm rockwool to give a 'U' value of 0.24 w/m2. Tyvec or similar vapour barrier held in place with 38 x 50 treated timber battens which are used to receive Siberian Larch rainscreen cladding or any other surface finish.

Environmental Building Services

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Traditional Building Services

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Commercial Building Services

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Commercial Construction Sector

What we do

Whether you are designing we can ensure the project can be completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

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High technology products

Timber framed insulated wall panels, clad with Siberian Larch are an alternative to traditional envelope construction.

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We have supplyed all sectors of the construction industry, take a look at just a few of our most recent projects.

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Built 2 Design is a specialist company in the field of Structural Timber Frame and Envelope Construction to the building industry.

Although a relatively new company to the marketplace, our Directors & Site Managers have a wealth of experience in all aspects of our Construction Sector delivering both modern technology and traditional methods to building construction envelopes.

As the industry moves towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly forms of construction our timber framed insulated panels, fixed to timber or steel structures have come to the forefront of this innovation.

Built 2 Design can offer a service for the manufacture, supply & installation of insulated wall and roof panels along with the erection of Glulam or Kerto Frames to commercial, industrial or residential sectors of the Construction Industry.

In tough economic times sometimes the budget will not stretch to a full environmental timber insulated panel, so we can offer an overclad of any envelope construction with either Siberian Larch timber boarding on battens or any rainscreen material such as Trespa or Rockpanel to give a new or existing building an effective modern makeover.

Our skilled and motivated labour force carry out our philosophy of providing a high level of customer care and satisfaction that is the true test of repeat business in these challenging times.

Built 2 Design are a specialist environmental, commercial and traditional building company offering structural timber frame and envelope construction to the building industry.  Built 2 Design also manufacture, supply and install insulated wall and roof panels including the erection of Glulam and Kerto frames to commercial and residential sectors of the construction industry.